Coltraco Introduces 8th Generation Portalevel

Director of Sales, George Hunter revealed the latest design Portalevel which is the 8th generation in the series. It has the latest design so far and is equipped with the latest technology. The device is able to perform tests more quickly and provides pin point results in even thicker containers. “Designed for Safety Servicing Professionals” it is able to measure Novec very fast. George said “The 8th generation Portalevel is designed to provide enhanced speed and accurate results for high intensity testing requirements”. It is also the first UL Approved Ultrasonic Level Indicator ever built by the company in its history over 27 years.

The new device comes with a new packaging which contains

  • Dry Sensor for all land based units.
  • Portatherm is an infrared thermometer which comes as a standard ideal for using in warm conditions.
  • Main Unit which has an LCD numeric display with LED Bar Graph and 4 touch buttons.
  • Ultrasonic Gel is a brilliant agent for increasing the surface contact of the sensor.
  • Extension Rod is optional and can be ordered to use for measuring in places where the hand cannot reach.

Coltraco is a leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic devices used at industrial level and in the maritime industry. Its history spans over 27 years and during the course its devices have been enhanced and redesigned to cope with the modern age challenges.

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Coltraco Introduces 3rd Generation Portagauge

Thickness monitoring is nearly impossible and one comes to know of it only when a hole is visible. Due to corrosion the inner side of metal containers decomposes but looking from the outside it goes unnoticed. Many accidents have happened in the past and they still keep on happening as the staff is unaware of the deteriorating condition of the container and all of a sudden the leaks emerge.

CEO Dr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter told the gathering The Portagauge 3 is our low cost Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. It was developed to remain simple yet provide accurate results and meet modern thickness gauging requirements. He further added Utilizing the single echo technology allows the unit to maintain accuracy even on corroded or challenging surfaces. It is a highly dependable unit for testing corrosion.

The package includes

    • 1 Portagauge III Unit
    • 1 10mm Sensor
    • 1 Peli 1120 Case
    • Calibration Certificate
    • Operating Instructions

Coltraco is a family company, with 3 generations of the family working for the business alongside an extremely talented group of individuals, all who share our values and commitment to science and commercial integrity. The company was founded in 1987 by Mr. E C Hunter, a Royal Naval (RN) Submariner 27 year at sea & his son Mr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, the current CEO. Mr. E C Hunter spent 5 years working for the Admiralty Research Laboratories, specialising in sonar technologies.

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Coltraco Announces Same Day Dispatch for Portamonitor

Industrial gadgets are not the common products you can buy every day. They are built for specific purposes and this is why anyone needing them should order in advance. Although you can now get most products right away but it is again for the devices that are already too common. Coltraco's Portamonitor is a special handheld, portable and specifically built device used to monitor bearings in pumps and motors. This is not an ordinary device but has amazing results. Owing to its increasing demand Coltraco has made special arrangements and has announced same day dispatch for every order received for it.

The pocket sized condition indicator tool can be used on every kind of machinery that has rotating parts. from the outer casing, the device can easily detect the lubrication condition of the bearings and gears in side letting you know in advance if any replacements or maintenance is required. The device is available with a 1 year guarantee and a life time customer support. So, if a customer buys the device and faces issues with it after one year, it is not necessary to purchase a new one as the one he already has can be made perfect again.

Portamonitor comes with a complete package and it contains:

  • 1 Portamonitor Unit
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Protective Case
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • Operating Instructions Manual

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Coltraco Unveils Non Invasive Flow Rate Meter

Coltraco UK unveiled yet another amazing hand held device that can now allow industries to monitor their liquid flow in pipes right from the outside of the pipe. Monitoring liquid flow in pipe would not only allow measuring liquid usage but would also allow detecting blockage in pipes so that no unnecessary dismantling is required. Time is of the essence and when you know the exact location of a blockage within seconds, there are no delays in making the right decision.

CEO Dr C.S.P Hunter during the uncovering said “Portasonic consists of a handheld portable clamp-on transit time flow meter device for accurate flow measurement from outside a pipe – especially for fire protection water sprinkler and fire hydrant systems. The unique clamp-on fixture design makes the installation very straightforward and requires no special tools or skills and due to the non-invasive nature of clamp-on transducers, there is no pressure drop, no moving parts, no leaks, and no risk of contamination or corrosion. Ideal for the measurement of flows in clean, non-aerated fluids such as water, water/glycol and oils in full pipes from 1/2 to 180 (12 to 4570 mm) diameter can be measured and the ultrasonic signal penetrates all common metal and plastic pipe materials.

Coltraco is a leading ultrasonic hand held devices manufacturer that enables industries to work with ease and perfection. Being a hand held device the Portasonic stands as tall as:

Height: 204 mm (5.75 inches)
Width: 100 mm (3.50 inches)
Depth: 35 mm (1.00 inches)
Weight: 600 grams (11.5 ounces)

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Coltraco Successfully conducts ISO 14520 Testing

Coltraco proudly confirms its Portascanner is able to identify precise leaks. To fully determine its potential, CEO Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter advised his team to run a test that would bring forth how reliable it is when used in real time testing. A real location was picked to conduct the test and the Portascanner ISO 14520 Door Fan & Room Integrity Leak Detection Testing was successful.

Portascanner is a hand held device which makes it easy for testing with its dimensions at:

Height: 160 mm (6.29 inches)
Width: 82 mm (3.22 inches)
Depth: 30 mm (1.18 inches)
Weight: 300 grams (10.58 ounces)

We have replaced traditional testing methods which were not only difficult but were also too expensive to perform said Hunter. The Portascanner has an accuracy range of +/-1.5mm (1/8 inch) which is the nearest to perfection for any device that exists today. It is completely at ease to verify CO2, FM-200, NOVEC1230, old Halons such as 1301 and 1211, FE-13, FE-25, FE-36, HFC-225 & 2271 fire suppression agents.We are incredibly pleased to have performed the ISO 14520 testing successfully and its positive results have encouraged us to recommend without any doubts added Ms. Clare, Head of Communications & Government Relations who was also present.

Coltraco is a leader in manufacturing ultrasonic safety gadgets with over 18 products and systems. With its many successful products, it has managed to setup its offices in over 80 countries worldwide. Being a family business there are many highly talented individuals serving the company and taking it to new heights.

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Coltraco Proudly Announces UL Listing for Portalevel MAX

Coltraco Ultrasonics has received UL listing for their Portalevel MAX liquid level indicator. It is a small hand-sized device, engineered with incredibly high build quality and the most mathematically accurate unit in the world for NOVEC™ 1230, FM-200™, CO2, FE-13™, FE-25™ and FE-36.

While unveiling a new design for the Portalevel MAX, Mr. Carl Hunter said We have specifically designed the device for fire engineers in the past but it is now available in a marine configuration for SOLAS compliance as Portalevel MAX Marine for 2-3-4 banked rows of CO2 cylinders”. With the new design and its ability to be used in the maritime industry, the device now stands as:

Height: 160 mm (6.29 inches)
Width: 82 mm (3.22 inches)
Depth: 30 mm (1.18 inches)
Weight: 300 grams (10.58 ounces)

Our top priority as always is to deliver best practices commercially and technically and to be the leading technology provider in our design and manufacturing” said Mr. Carl.

Coltraco was founded in 1987 and since its inception it has been known to provide the most reliable instruments used for commercial testing. With a strong focus on two core technical groups: Technical Group 1 deals about fire safety of all kinds and works to make the devices best for use when dealing with fire suppression systems. The Technical Group 2 is all about integrity testing so the maritime industry can expect a lot from us.

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Marine Fire Protection: An Ungoverned Space

Fire protection remains an “ungoverned space” within the maritime industry.There are are too few qualified engineers who may be considered subject matter experts in marinefireengineering, and too often, marinefireprotection is seen as a cost than an investment and something vital to the overall business activity of the customer. A “safety first” culture often remains both un-pursued and unrewarded.

In terms of ships extinguishing systems there exist two broad categories: sprinkler systems and gas systems. The former can suffer leakage, but the latter can cause catastrophic effect given its physical pressures. Overall, the value of the marine assets thatfiresystems protect is increasing rapidly but the competitive nature of the free market in thefireand marine industry places great pressure on it to deliver systems which often only minimally comply with the regulations and deliver the asset protection at the most economical cost.

Our experiences in the shipping industry globally have included wonderful ones of professionalism and care from dedicated former chief engineers, master mariners and fleet managers. Over 25 years we have received technical advice from some of the leaders in the industry both in the UK and the USA but also from Canada, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Denmark, Norway and Singapore. Trade and certification organizations such as the Institute of Marine Engineers, Science & Technology,Fire Industry Association, International Marine Purchasing Association, Shipbuilders & Suppliers Association in the UK and the NFPA and UL in the USA have become a part of our fabric.

Set alongside these positive developments, however, are anecdotalexperiences which are highly concerning:

- Systemsportrayed and installed by contractors as NOVEC1230 fire protection fluid but filled with sand or water.

- High pressure gas systems without the means to actuate them.

- Bathroom weighing scales being chained to the CO2 cylinders in an effort to comply with IMO SOLAS FSS Code regulations.

- Cheap cylinder pressure gauges sticking in position under humidity or mechanical fatigue.

- Safety pins being retained in position in the cylinder valves after installation.

- Marine CO2 systems with an estimated 20% of the CO2 cylinders installed on commercial shipping being empty or partially-filled.

- Over-filled and under-filled cylinders.

- Pipework and cylinders freshlypainted but with severe internal corrosion leading to particulates of rust which block the discharge nozzle mechanism.

- Room integrity testing with questionableresults and with the room integrity remaining un-monitored after testing.

- Liquefied gas extinguishants being confused by installers and customers with Inert gas systems.

- A lack of understanding of the organic compounds of some liquid extinguishants and their corrosive effect on the cylinder in the event of condensate ingress.

- Shipping companies not implementing the FSS code of the IMO SOLAS regulations.

Our Safesite™ and Safeship™ concepts aim to deliver technologies which enhance safety at customer critical infrastructure at sea and on land, putting safety first.


In aerospace, if a fault occurs on an aircraft that information is quickly and openly shared with airline operators, civil aviation authorities and engineering organizations. In contrast, in shipping, unless a fatality occurs it is left un-reported. The number of ships with partially-filled, over-filled or empty cylinders and the number of accidental discharges or slow seepages are occurring are left un-shared and unknown. Serious accidents involving fire protection equipment do occur:

September 2004 – Hong Kong - A routine inspection of the fixedCO2fireextinguishing systemled to the death of four officers (HKSAR, n.d.)

November 2008 - Akula II K-152 Nerpa - At least 20 people died on a Russian nuclear submarine when a Halonfireextinguishing systemwas activated by mistake (BBC News, 2008 and Red Banner Northern Fleet, 2008).

May 2010 – The uncontrolled release offire-extinguishing gas into engine room of the Marsol Pride, at Tui oil and gas field (TAIC, 2011)

August 2011 - Accidental discharge of carbon dioxide on board SD Nimble, resulting in serious injury to a shore-based service engineer at Naval Base Faslane (MAIB, 2011)

July 2014 - Port Hedland, Western Australia –Afirestarted in the engine room of the bulk carrier Marigold. Firefighting by the ship’s crew included activating the Halon gasfixedfiresuppression system for the engine room. However, a full release of Halon gas did not occur, nor was the engine room effectively sealed. (Safety4Sea, 2016)

February 2015 – Twenty-nine Palms, California - 22 U.S.Marines injured when a Halon-filledfireextinguisher went off (Bustle, 2015)

Marine Servicing

Marine servicing companies bid to service a ships CO2 system; this can comprise two hundred to six hundred 45 kilogram CO2 cylinders per ship. These are under 720 psi/ 49 bar of pressure. They can discharge accidentally or be subject to slow seepage. Some marine service companies estimate that at one time 20% of a ships CO2 cylinders have discharged or partially leaked their contents and there are over 55,000 commercial vessels at sea at any time.

Servicing is often done at sea, and the ship may only be available to the contractor for four hours; the winning contractor is often the one who bids lowest. Historically, and as only one component of a CO2 system inspection, these marine service crews shut down the CO2 system, dismantle it and weigh each cylinder.

On average each cylinder will take 40 minutes todismantle, weigh, record and re-install, meaning that it would take 400 man-hours to achieve that on a 600 cylinder marine installation.

Using a type-approved ultrasonic liquid level indicator, a perfect condition cylinder can be checked for contents in 30 seconds; the average time to record and validate readings should take 1-3 minutes per properly-filled cylinder.This still equates to 10 to 30 perfect man-hours for this task alone.Too many times, therefore, good marine servicing companies may not have the minimum amount of time required to perform the inspection.

However, there are other companies who are said to randomly check some cylinders and then place “tested stickers” on the rest.Testing is important: because the normal design concentration of CO2 of 34-72 v/v % is above the nearly immediate acute lethality level, an extremely narrow safety margin exists for these systems.

Given the risk and the difficulties of manual inspection, it seemsunfathomable then that thesesystems are not permanently monitored rather than leaving them to stand alone unsupervised 364 days a yearuntil their annual certification.

UK Technology

High value shipping assets are critical infrastructure to the global economy with widespread effects in the event of their downtime or shutdown. Their asset values requiringfireprotection far exceed the delivery of minimal compliance and the cost or damage to reputation far in excess of the cost of a real-time monitoring system.

Technologies exist right now that can mathematically and far more efficiently test room integrity. They exist to quickly, momentarily and highly accurately identify pipework corrosion. Gases under pressure can be monitored and liquefied gases can be permanently monitored. Contents and pressure can be simultaneously monitored offering remote diagnostics and remote monitoring capabilities and can extend to the delivery of autonomous systems in relation to them.

Technologies are soon to exist to monitor both liquid content and gas pressure of a cylinder safely –from theexternal sidesof the cylinderrather than within it– in bothfixedand portable forms. If we can monitor the contents we can calculate the mass/weight of the liquefied extinguishant.

These technologies offer great opportunity to theindustry. They enable customers to have confidence that afirecompany has installed a gaseous extinguishing system with a semi-autonomous monitoring capability to safeguard it. What CEO of a shipping company today wants to be shown to have installed afiresystem that is left standing and unsupervised over thousands of miles of open seas and often in extreme weather states until its annual certification check?

This is presently an “ungoverned space” in the maritime sector. As the world changes, so must our industry integrate technological solutions to provide a bulwark against minimal - and even occasionally flagrant - disregard to the application of standards and good engineering practices.

About the Author

Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter is CEO and managing director of Coltraco Ultrasonics, a designer and manufacturer of portable instruments andfixedmonitoring systems for the naval, shipping, offshore, energy andfireindustries.

He is an honorary doctor of science, fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers and member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Royal Society of Asian Affairs and Royal United Services Institute. Dr. Hunter is also a member of the Export Council of theFireIndustry Association and Working Group Gases.

The opinions expressed herein are the author's and not necessarily those of The Maritime Executive.

This entry has been created for information and planning purposes. It is not intended to be, nor should it be substituted for, legal advice, which turns on specific facts.

Manager Research & Development

It is with great pleasure that we warmly welcome Mr Adrian Saw to the company as our Manager Research & Development. Adrian began working with the company through a Summer Internship and this Summer graduated from the University of Durham with a Masters of Science.

Our CEO says, "We are proud and grateful to warmly welcome Adrian to the company. Working with Physicist and Head of Research & Development, Mr Sam Watson, we hope that Adrian will bring his fine analytical and innovative skills to the role and find happiness and success with us. Adrian has already delivered fine work to the company through his dedication and commitment and he combines this with wonderful family values and kindness. Sam and I are delighted to welcome Adrian and look forward to supporting him over the months and years to come."

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We at Coltraco, build state of the art, modern industrial liquid and gas measuring devices for our customers. For-example our unbeatable liquid level indicator the Portalevel series is acknowledged worldwide. To keep ourselves acquainted with the changing trends and changing demands of the industry we felt a need of a person who could provide support to our potential customers. Moreover, we needed a professional who could make great research in regards to the new developments in the devices in which we deal. With his great understanding of science and research skills, Mr Ardian Saw, has provided a lot of input in the company enabling us to make more sensitive and accurate devices for our beloved customers.

We are quite happy to find a person like him who has taken up the charge of his duty with great responsibility. He is toiling greatly with his good, promising, timely, apt and apropos services. Using his probing and inquisitive nature he is now getting acquainted with the company needs. For this reason, he is aptly serving the company with what the company actually needs. Seeing his ways of working and the improvements in his services we can easily say that he is going to prove a gemstone for our company. We are confident with Mr Adrian Saw by our side, our world famous ultrasonic level indicator and the many other devices we are known for will be enhanced. It is without a doubt that great minds contribute a lot which further leads to success and betterment.

Annual Calibration Satisfaction thanks to Coltraco Customer Care

This hardy Portamarine® unit has been used for training Petrofac’s fire servicing teams in Aberdeen for years! Coltraco Customer Care ensures that even if your unit is one of our first generation models from almost 30 years ago, you will receive premium support from our teams to recalibrate, repair, replace parts, or offer trade in discounts for a new model.

Petrofac are also highlighting a key question we often get asked: “Do I need annual calibration or can I just get a 5 year calibration certificate?” We do not mandate that you get your unit returned for calibration every year, because it is up to the standards that your company operates by. However, as it is safety and measuring equipment, the international standards recommend annual certification. 5 years is not accepted by most audits. To help, we are setting up ODA Service Stations around the globe and provide 48 hour turnaround for most units. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Our units are already being used in the different industries since the last 2 decades. The units are functioning perfectly even today only due to their timely calibration. More than a dozen of our ultrasonic level indicator is serving the United Sates navy since 20 years and it would not be a lie to say that we have been complained of malfunction of the units during all these years. Timely calibrations keep the units working perfectly and it upgrades the device in a way that keeps it running for long. Like every other machine devices also need maintenance overtime and if they are maintained in time, there is no way they’ll be faulty.

We are pioneers in manufacturing ultrasonic liquid level indicator which has revolutionized the way liquids are measured and managed at the industrial level. We have made measuring large quantities of liquids easy and manageable which has enabled industries to function properly and safely. As every machine needs to be updated with the passage of time so do our units. When they are calibrated in time they are able to function just like new even when they are years old. Our technical staff is able to provide amazing support to all our customers who are using our units. It is always recommended to send your devices for calibration at the time mentioned so that they are always in perfect condition.

Fire outbreak in Data Center causes delays at Ford Corporate Headquarters

Ford is working to recover after a fire broke out at a power sub-station beneath its US corporate headquarters, briefly shutting down data center operations and prevented it from gathering sales data. The automotive giant is reported to have the building completely evacuated in Dearborn MI. As a result the power had to be completely cut off and the servers which had to receive sales data from dealerships all over USA were temporarily cut off from the internet. During the incident no injuries were reported and the fire was brought under control after a few minutes but until it became apparent that every nook and cranny was cleared for every kind of risk the building was opened for the staff to enter again.

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Coltraco Provides Devices Used For Monitoring Fire Suppression Systems

Coltraco is an ultrasonic level indicator manufacturer, a family company, with 3 generations of the family working for the business alongside an extremely talented group of individuals, all who share our values and commitment to science and commercial integrity. The company was founded in 1987 by Mr. E C Hunter, a Royal Naval (RN) Submariner 27 year at sea & his son Mr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, the current CEO.

Mr. E C Hunter spent 5 years working for the Admiralty Research Laboratories, specialising in sonar technologies. It became clear to him that marine CO2 suppression systems could benefit from a portable ultrasonic device, able to monitor the contents. Methods at the time involved either weighing cylinders, or using testing devices that included a radioactive source. Identifying a significant market opportunity, with large commercial vessels typically holding up to 600 x 45KG cylinders on-board, Mr. E C Hunter retired and set to work. By 1987 he had produced the world’s first dedicated marine portable liquid level indicator, able to monitor multi-banked rows of cylinders aboard commercial vessels. Whilst the original monitoring device was complex to use, its accuracy was unparalleled, able to read cylinders to within 1/8th of an inch or +/- 1.5 mm. It took another 3-4 years until 1990 to develop a unit which was more user-friendly. Today, Coltraco have equipped over 9000 ships, 25 Navies, 1000 offshore oil & gas platforms, 100 power stations and 5000 fire safety companies. We export our state of the art modern liquid level indicator and other devices under our banner to 105 countries and exports constitute 85% of our output.

Introducing Captain Amit Raj Mehrotra – Fire Safety Partner in India

It is with great pleasure that we announce Captain Amit Mehotra as our Fire Safety Partner in India. Our CEO Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “Captain Amit is an honourable, highly professional and dynamic leader. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Amit to the company where he will be responsible for shaping and implementing our strategic direction in India and establishing a national dealer network for our range of portable Portalevel™ MAX, Portalevel™ DATALOGGER , our new hands-free Portalevel™ MINI and our Zone 1 ATEX approved Portalevel™ INTRINSICALLY SAFE model types for CO2, the old Halons, FM-200™ , NOVEC™ 1230 and HFC-225 & 227, whilst being our Strategic Partner in India for our leading edge technology monitoring system, Permalevel™ MULTIPLEX. Captain Amit will establish a Coltraco ODA Service Station for these equipment types in India at his fine company Intime Fire. We wish to honour Captain Amit and his family and are proud to be teamed with the company which Captain Amit’s Father founded”

Find out more about Coltraco ultrasonic level indicator here.

Captain Amit comments, “When I came ashore after commanding at sea as a Master Mariner it was always my vision to honour my Father and re-create the great reputation which he had established across India at Intime Fire. Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter gave me great encouragement and as a keen observer and devotee of the Indian Sub-continent that he is I warmly welcome this great opportunity to work alongside him and support his vision to bring Coltraco’s technology to India across the full spectrum of its fixed and portable monitoring capabilities and to support their installation, calibration and repair in accordance with Indian Standards which demand that calibration is undertaken every 12-16 months. I look forward to Coltraco Ultrasonics becoming a domiciled presence in India. I encourage candidate dealers across India to rally now to Coltraco’s leading technology portfolio and brand. I hope to arrange Customer seminars in India soon, building on the keen interest that the Indian Fire Trade Press is stimulating across India and we will be exhibiting Coltraco products at Fire South India later this year”.

Coltraco's liquid level indicator technology will surely help India overcome its safety issues in the factories. India is a huge country with booming economy and hundreds of factories busy in making variety of goods. However the safety concerns cannot be ignored and with the help of our products it can progress even more quickly.

Introducing Our Exclusive Fire Safety Partner in Japan, Nichibou Co., Ltd

A Happy New Year 2016 and it is our great pleasure to introduce our Fire Safety Partner in Japan, Nichibou Company Limited in Tokyo. Mr Kenji Taniguchi san is the company's esteemed President.

Mr Seiji Uehara, Manager Overseas Trading group, Special Equipment Section at Nichibou comments, We are very happy to announce that we will start an exclusive distributorship with Permalevel™ Multiplex, Permalevel™ Single Point, Portalevel™ Ultrasonic Level Indicator, MINI Nippon and Portalevel™ DATALOGGER in the Japanese Fire Protection market from this year. Our company’s principle is to Achieve as many as No.1’s’ and our highly motivated and trained 160 service members in Japan are engaged energetically with Fire Protection System installation and maintenance and we are recognized with a wonderfully high reputation in Japan. Japan is one of the world’s most highly developed industrial nations, and is sadly facing recurring natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and typhoons – but like the English we will keep smiling ! Therefore for Business Continuity and Secured Social & Critical Infrastructure it is imperative to plan and implement high technology monitoring systems to protect irreplaceable and critical infrastructure. In 2020, Japan will host the Tokyo Olympic Games and will welcome many people from all over the world. We are so honoured to contribute to prepare for a successful Olympic Games to protect relevant facilities in Japan with Coltraco’s state-of-the-art technology. I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Mr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter for being so generously patient in guiding us to this memorable moment. Thank you.

Our CEO Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, For many years we have aimed to secure a partner in the Japanese fire safety market with the vision, capability and dynamism of Mr Taniguchi, the President of Nichibou Co. Ltd. During our discussions with Mr Uehara san and President Mr Taniguchi san, my most recent being in Seoul last month, I count our blessings that we are with this fine and honourable company. It is my belief that Portalevel™ Liquid Level Indicator, MINI Nippon and Permalevel™ Multiplex will become certified and accepted in the Japanese fire market with flying colours and that our relationship with Nichibou will become the strategic partnership we have long aspired to creating in the wonderful country that Japan is and to which we are committed to supporting to protect its infrastructure and in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics where our remote diagnostic, remote monitoring and autonomous data management capabilities will play a vital and essential role in ensuring the wonderful global event that Japan will host. I thank Nichibou Company Limited for this essential strategic partnership in Japan.

Accident Reports: Seafarers Ignore Safety Management Systems by Maritime Executive

The procedures and safe working systems that lie at the core of all safety management systems are there for a reason, says Steve Clinch, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents at Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).[…] MAIB investigators regularly identify a disconnect between the safety culture that shore-based managers believe (or perhaps hope) is in place within their fleet and what is really happening on board. Safety management systems need to evolve over time if they are to remain credible. If the procedures on board your vessel are not working, don't just use convenient work around to get tasks done – flag up the problem and make sure they are changed or amended in a controlled way that ensures the system retains its credibility and continues to reflect the company's best practice requirements. In the digest, Captain John Rose, Director of the Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Program (CHIRP) highlights the importance of crew’s ability to deal effectively and safely with the complexity, difficulty, pressures and workload of their daily tasks, not only in emergency situations, but also during routine operations. The report is available here.

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Our essential value of integrity excellence across all commercial and technical areas has been at the core of our business and has contributed to the development of Coltraco Ultrasonics for over 29 years. We strive to design, implement, and manufacture the most advanced technology in our field such as the ultrasonic level indicator, by developing products, systems and services that bring preventative maintenance condition monitoring capabilities to current and future industry applications.

Our fundamental attribute is both our integrity in operations, and placing science at our core. Our philosophy is to develop product ranges that mutually support each other in their applications, derive and develop systems from the most successful of these and to develop global data monitoring technologies for the systems so that we deliver autonomous remote monitoring remote diagnostic systems at sea on land such as the advanced liquid level indicator.
We will strive to act at all times in conjunction with our core values;


Ethical Actions


Compliance with the Law

Fair competitive actions


Confidentiality and avoidance of conflicts of interest


Respect Human Rights

Not acting with Prejudice

Respect for International Laws and Conventions

Act with compassion and dignity


Communicate honestly

Communicate frequently


Communicate with credibility and not mislead

Commitment to openness transparency


Keep our promises

Try to put things right when they go wrong

Act promptly

Find out and respond to our customers’ needs

Form partnerships with our customers


Place safety at the forefront of all we do

Seek to innovate and embrace new methods and technologies


Act as a responsible business

Strive to improve our knowledge of our business environment

Another fantastic year at IMPA London - Oct 2016!

We would like to thank the IMPA Council and Alexony for organising another fantastic IMPA London show. Based in Westminster, this is a good opportunity to meet industry friends and peers to discuss the market situation and highlight trends. We are pleased to be part of the trend of increasing safety and maintenance for the sake of safety - going above and beyond regulations. By providing a range of inspection tools and continuous monitoring systems, we work closely with our ship owners, managers and servicing companies to provide efficient Safeship® solutions, whilst improving safety management onboard. Marine servicing companies very often become our distributors and as many IMPA members will know Marine supply companies too. Furthermore, we are pleased to promote women in shipping, following the lead of our IMPA Chairwoman and other women in industry. We look forward to 2017.

Read more about our success stories in the Coltraco Blog

Coltraco Is Now Recognized As an Industry Leader

Coltraco is a family owned business with most of our family members working for its success today. But we havent become selfish by not allowing others to become a part of it and we have now many talented young people working for us taking the business to the next level. Our liquid level indicator is by far the most accurate device to measure liquids inside all kinds of containers. Our devices can measure liquids under extreme conditions without fail and this is what makes our devices great. It truly reflects our zeal and

enthusiasm to refine what weve already created and to take our devices to the next level.

We endeavor to give the sea business the best gadgets that can be utilized for identifying spills so they can locate a reasonable arrangement well inside time. Aside from simply concentrating on cable transit areas watertight testing the Portascanner is totally fit for helping with watertight hatch covers testing. Therefore this gadget can be utilized to filter the whole ship and guarantee that when the ship sets out for a voyage there is no possibility of water leaking inside the lodges or freight holds. A dry ship is a protected ship as water not just purposes harm to products or cause freeze inside the lodges, it builds weight which can regularly end up being deadly for the prosperity of the ship and the group that sails with it.

CEO Visits UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd in Malaysia

Our CEO is delighted to be spending time in Malaysia with our new Strategic Partner in the Fire Safety sector, UMW. We are proud to confirm the new partnering with UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd (UMW) as our Fire Safety Partner. The UMW Group is a leading Industrial Enterprise with diverse and global interest in the Automotive, Equipment, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Oil and Gas Industries with 7 branches in Malaysia. We see this exciting teaming as a reflection of the long historical and strong trading ties between the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Our CEO Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, I greatly admire UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd and the President of UMW Equipment Division Mr Lee Chin Win and am grateful for UMW wishing to become our exclusive Strategic Partner, Fire Safety in Malaysia to encompass all of our products for the fire sector but primarily our fixed monitoring system Permalevel™ Multiplex for high asset value customers seeking to secure risk mitigation of their clean agent systems and business continuity and to become our ODA Service Station for its installation and maintenance in 2017.

President of UMW Equipment Division: Mr Lee Chin Min says: UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd is proud to be a business partner with Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited to deliver the latest Safesite Safeship monitoring system technologies to the Malaysian customers at critical infrastructure on land and at sea. We are truly honoured to work with Coltraco to enhance and strengthen the safety performance at these infrastructures in Malaysia.

Mr Desmond Lin, Senior Manager UMW says, We enjoyed a great meeting and shared the history and business structure of UMW with Dr Hunter… I am looking forward to great business opportunities between UMW and Coltraco.
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About Coltraco

Coltraco is well known for its Portalevel the ultrasonic level indicator that completely revolutionized the ways of measuring liquids on the industrial scale. In the past measuring liquids was a great hassle and most industries suffered many losses when they couldn’t control the use of liquids in manufacturing and other processes. As the world advanced so its need for a sophisticated liquid measuring device became undeniable.

Coltraco successfully replaced the old liquid level indicator with its powerful devices and with the passage of time they were upgraded to meet the modern industry challenges all over the globe.

3 Ways to Improve Fire Safety in Power Generating Stations

It is common knowledge that power generating facilities are safety critical and extremely high value assets. As a result, there is a great focus on business continuity due to the pressures and costs incurred due to accidents, faults, fires, or other temporary outage disruption. Here are 3 ways we have helped these businesses and will do in the future:

CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Our first ever made-to-order fixed, permanent, continuous monitoring system was for Sellafield Nuclear Power Generation Plant in the UK over 12 years ago.

MORE FREQUENT INSPECTIONS OF FIRE SYSTEMS: Currently there is a major power generation player in the USA keen to Portalevel® MAX an unbeatable ultrasonic level indicator following a recommendation by leading insurers, FM Global. We are in discussions with several leading power generation companies in North America who will be serviced and supported by our American Strategic Partners.

INTEGRATED REAL-TIME MONITORING OF FIRE SYSTEMS: Now we offer this Safesite® smart solution liquid level indicator so the facilities safety manager will be instantly alerted in the case of agent leak, to ensure the system’s integrity.

Here are some extracts from an interesting article on electric generation stations from PowerMag to illustrate. “Occurrences at Thermalito Power Plant (California) in 2012, Detroit Dam (Oregon) in 2007, and Watts Bar Hydroelectric Plant (Tennessee) in 2002 resulted in major electrical fires. In almost all cases, the fires caused forced shutdowns, some for a year or more. The loss of generation as the result of an electrical fire often outweighs the actual fire damage.” [sic]“Even after a relatively small fire, smoke and soot removal can cost several millions of dollars in facilities with large open spaces. For example, cleanup costs at Thermalito were reported at approximately $90 million, with a total cost of the fire around $200 million. SOURCE. Here are further extracts taken from PowerMag: Hydro plants are not without fire risk, and history reminds us that large-loss fires have occurred (see table). SOURCE

Invited to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Maritime and Ports

With great honour and at the invitation of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Maritime and Ports, and with thanks to Clare, our amazing Head of Communications & Government Relations, we attended the annual session of the AAPGMP in Select Committee Room 16 at the House of Commons last week.

Chaired by the Rt Hon Jim Fitzpatrick MP the meeting was addressed by the Rt Hon John Hayes MP, Minister for Shipping who, speaking to the worshipful Company of Shipwrights earlier this month in London said something we wholly support, “On your shoulders rests Britain's future as the world’s leading maritime nation. If, 100 years from now, we are still to be famous as the country that builds, repairs and maintains the finest vessels that sail the seas; if we are still to be renowned as the home of shipbuilding genius and skill; and if we are still to be celebrated as the nation that leads the world’s maritime affairs, it will be because those in this room today seized the opportunity to learn, to train, and to excel at everything you do.

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We are a leading UK company with state of the art ultrasonic devices that help the maritime industry work without delays. Our world famous Portascanner is the perfect device for immediate and flawless hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. As ships face a lot of wear and tear during their voyages, many cracks and leaks appear without the crew knowing about them. Most of them appear in hidden places where the human eye cannot see. This proves to be lethal when the next voyage takes place as the goods get water damaged and the sipping company faces a lot of criticism and not to mention losses.

We strive to provide the maritime industry with the best devices that can be used for detecting leaks so they can find a suitable solution well within time. Apart from just focusing on hatch covers integrity testing, the Portascanner is completely capable of assisting in watertight compartment doors testing. Thus this device can be used to scan the en tire ship and ensure that when the ship sets out for a voyage there is no chance of water seeping inside the cabins or cargo holds. A dry ship is a safe ship as water not only causes damage to goods or cause panic inside the cabins, it increases weight which can often prove to be lethal for the well being of the ship and the crew that sails with it.

Coltraco Announces New Agent Fill Weight of a Fire Suppression Cylinder is delighted to announce the Portasteele Calculator, a highly effective agent fill weight of a fire suppression cylinder. The ultra modern device achieves its goal when the operator filling in the liquid level height using the Portalevel unit along with the cylinder proportions and its surrounding temperature reading produces Lbs or KG reading for all fire suppressant gases.

“We are incredibly pleased to be able to provide this unique agent fill weight of a fire suppression cylinder,” says CEO Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter. “Until now the ability to measure agent fill weight wasn’t error free and an error can cause a huge setback to the safety measures taken” Dr Hunter continues to explain.

Coltraco is a leading manufacturer with over 18 products and systems. It strives to design, implement and manufacture the most advanced technology in the field of ultrasonic liquid level indicators. Being a family company, with 3 generations of the family working in the business, many highly talented individuals have also become a part of it who share the same values and commercial integrity.

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Fire Protection Association London Summit 2017

Clare and our CEO exhibited at the FPA Fire Sector Summit held at the Royal College of Surgeons in London this week, and presented a paper to FPA delegates on the need to apply Mathematics in the Ungoverned Space of Fire Engineering, Pressurisation & Constant Monitoring of Gaseous Extinguishing Systems. We wish to thank Mr Mark Sennett of the FPA for his kind and fine arrangements. The Fire Protection Association is the UK's national fire safety organization working tirelessly to identify and draw attention to the dangers associated with fire.

Since its creation in 1946 it has accomplished an exceptional reputation for quality of work and expertise in all aspects of fire research, consultancy, training, membership, publications, risk surveying and auditing. The Fire Protection Association’s products and services are designed to assist fire fighters; security and safety personnel attain and uphold the very highest standards of fire safety management.

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The Fire Protection Association’s Technical and Risk Divisions provide diverse range of services that are related to testing, research, risk appraisal, risk assessment and consulting. Having specialized in these areas the FPA is now capable to offer specialized and commercial services that are tailored to your precise requirements in line with up to date law and order regulations, industry standards and codes of practice.

Their engineers, scientists and consultants can take over the challenges of fire and risk prevention. If you are in the need for an in depth understanding of fire behaviour and the consequences of poor risk management, Coltraco recommends you to contact FPA at your earliest. Working in collaboration with research companies, government institutions, trade institutions and the insurance community on projects of varying scale and complexity has given it the chance to strengthen its weakness and explore areas where no other company has stepped into.

Coltraco, a leading manufacturer of the world famous ultrasonic level indicator is proud to announce its business ties with the FPA. The sharing of knowledge and expertise between both companies has enabled to understand the risks in a better way and address them with effectiveness. Fire suppression systems play a pivotal role in keeping the people safe and secure within their perimeter. The collaboration of two successful companies has proven to be a blessing for their respective customers who can now get much better services with reliable results.

Supporting our customers directly in 108 countries!

As a global company we thrive on exporting around the world. We are always delighted when we succeed in new markets and welcome working more in the African continent in 2016-2017 with our network developing in Nigeria and elsewhere. We already have equipment in Angola operating with leading oil and gas EPCs and now pleased to add marine servicing companies to this. The success of our products has enabled us to expand over 108 countries and now we have managed to provide support to our customers directly where our devices are being used.

For more information about our support please refer to our distributors page.

The Rise of Coltraco

For many years Coltraco only manufactured 2 – 3 ultrasonic products. Out of these limited products, Portalevel and Portascanner gradually became world leaders. The Portalevel became famous for its remarkable results as an ultrasonic level indicator (of fire suppression systems). On the other hand, the Portascanner gained worldwide fame for being a flawless device when used for hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. Equipped with the latest ultrasonic technology, it became the very object to replace the traditional leak detection methods for ships hatch covers, Naval cable transit areas, offshore oil & gas watertight doors and scuttles respectively.

A Glimpse of the World Famous Portalevel

Here we introduce you the contents of packaging of our renowned ultrasonic level indicator

Dry Sensor

A standard sensor for all land based Portalevel units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter of ax cable and a BNC connector.


An infrared thermometer comes as standard. Designed with portability in-mind, this device is intended for monitoring cylinders in warm climates.

Main Unit

The main unit is protected a IP65 Enclosure and weighs just 500 grams. It has a LCD Numeric Display with LED Bar Graph and 4 touch button controls.

Ultrasonic Gel

Ultrasonic Gel is a brilliant agent for increasing the surface contact of the Sensor. Coltraco sensors have also been designed to work with water.

Extension Rod (Optional)

The Multi-Banked Extension rod comes as standard with the all Portalevel MAX Marine models. It is designed for testing the rows of CO2 cylinders 3-4 deep

US Navy Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Coltraco North America

Over 20 years ago the US Navy’s NAVSEA ordered 110 Portalevel units through Ascoa Fire Systems to meet their 1/8” accuracy requirement on High Pressure Halon systems. We are proud to support the US Navy. Portalevel is a state of the art ultrasonic level indicator. Its ability to withstand strain and still work flawlessly in extreme temperatures allows the buyer to use it accurately for a long time. The product has proven its durability and is at par as far as accuracy is concerned. The US navy is one of the busiest in the oceans and still serving after 20 years shows how long can a Portalevel last.

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The Navy Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) is largest of the US’s five “system commands” organizations. It comprises of:

  • 4 Shipyards
  • 9 Warfare Centers (2 undersea and 7 on the surface)
  • 4 Major Shipbuilding locations
  • NAVSEA Headquarters located in Washington D.C

Its primary objective is to engineer, build and provide support to the US Navy Fleet in combat systems. It is one of the prized possessions of the US Navy and has proven to be a great resource in defending the country’s water territory and beyond.

Coltraco A Trusted Liquid Level Indicator Supplier

When there are tons of firearms onboard, you certainly need to keep a check on the fire safety systems. The 110 Portalevel units serving the US Navy have proven their worth in all conditions. However the units must be calibrated regularly to ensure their performance is up to date. When a ship is out in the oceans, there aren’t many options for survival if a fire breaks out. Damage can be reduced or controlled by the timely action of the fire suppression system. Be it a training drill or checking the pressure for a refill, the units provided to the Navy through Ascoa Fire Systems have successfully met their 1/8” accuracy requirement on High Pressure Halon systems.

Using the ultrasonic technology, Coltraco has come forth with the best range of liquid level indicator which not only serves military purposes but is also of great use in industrial sector. Over the years the product has undergone many enhancements to stay in lead in the niche and so far there isn’t any match of the Portalevel. We are proud of the fact that our products have proven their worth wherever they are being used no matter how long the buyer decides to keep them using.

Shipbuilders & Ship-repairers Association AGM at the House of Commons – Oct 2016

Our CEO had the honour to join the Shipbuilders and Ship-repairers Association (SSA) at the House of Commons for the Annual General Meeting in the month of October 2016 meeting fellow members and new professionals. As a successful business group we feel it s our duty to be engaged in meetings with people related to our niche. These meetings have not only helped us create valuable connections, but for many we are a valuable connection too. Over the years we have had the privilege to grow further and expand with the useful information we learn through the SSA meetings each year.
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About SSA UK

The Shipbuilders & Ship-repairers Association (SSA) is one of the fastest growing marine trade associations in UK. The diverse memberships include ship related devices and items manufacturers, ship builders, equipment manufacturers, ship services providers, people from research institutions and last but not the least shipyard owners and commercial boat builders. With people onboard from such diverse walks of life, the meetings serve a purpose and members benefit in many different ways in terms of business and even building personal alliances.

SSA was founded with the main aim to provide a platform where businesses in the marine industry can get support. The association supports the marine industry in improving performance business profile, introduce many new business opportunities, and introduce a legal and lawful channel to funding and share industry expertise. The association has organized numerous industry events and has successfully provided networking opportunities as well as holding national pavilions at many important marine industry exhibitions. The constant effort has made it one of the most successful business associations in the UK.

Coltraco Holds Significant Presence

Coltraco is a successful business and has been in the industry since 1987. Over the years it has successfully engineered some of the world’s leading devices such as the Portalevel an ultrasonic level indicator. The device has earned worldwide fame and is serving more than 20 countries at the moment. Some of our notable customers are the US and Canadian Navy. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers shown towards our products.

We have successfully managed to replace the traditional liquid level indicator with our devices because not only are they accurate, but they never also work very well in extreme conditions. We have tested our devices in some of the most extreme conditions, the conditions we know they won’t be subjected to in the field. The results were remarkable and it strengthened our faith in them and we are now proud of our advancements and achievements.

Permalevel Load Weigh for Constant Mechanical CO2 Monitoring

For customers requiring low-cost, mechanical and simple CO2 monitoring Permalevel™ Load Weigh is our mechanical counterpart system to our Permalevel™ Multiplex system. Permalevel Multiplex delivers world-leading remote monitoring and remote diagnostics of clean agent extinguishing systems. The mechanical load weigh measures Carbon Dioxide manually inside single skinned containers. However it is always recommended to use an ultrasonic level indicator because with advanced technology there are rare chances of wrong readings. In case you get the measurements wrong, a lot of problems would be needed to set right. For customers we have introduced the low cost measuring device but it is advised to quickly shift to a more advanced device.

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Coltraco is a world known brand to manufacture state of the art liquid and gas measuring devices. Since its inception in 1987 we have been in the business and are continuing to serve with dedication, passion and zeal. We have come a long way and have learnt a lot from our mistakes, experiences and even from the experiences of our huge list of customers. We have used the data to improve the performance and durability of our products. One of our best products includes the Portalevel range. This ultrasonic level indicator is serving many factories working various niches all over the globe.

We have partners in over 20 countries now which is a proof of the growing demand of our products. We have an extensive range of state of the art liquid level indicator that has proven its accuracy even in extreme conditions. As a matter of pride we mention that our units of Portalevel are serving the world’s most advanced Navy. Our units are working flawlessly and due to their unmatched performance more have been ordered and we are pleased to serve the great institutions. To provide fast and effective services to our customers of all products, we have distributors where our products are being used the most.

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Have a look at our extensive range of Portalevel in our products section. We are confident you will find a device that would fulfill your requirements with perfection. Our products are durable and this is not something only we as manufacturers claim, you can read about how well they are performing in our blog section where we regularly update. Keep visiting our blog for more updates and to keep up with our activities.

Sea Safety Services USA – Tug & Barge Partner in the USA

It is with great pleasure that Sea Safety Services Inc. in the Port of New York is becoming our partners in the Tug & Barge market sector of the USA marine industry. Sea Safety have been using our Portalevel MAX Marine units for their marine servicing teams for many years and the wonderful Mr. Peter O’Shea of Sea Safety met with George and our CEO at SMM Hamburg 2016. Sea Safety is a distributor for Ansul Fire Protection, Kidde Fire Systems and NK Fire Systems.

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We are proud to introduce our 8th gen of the unbeatable, most advanced liquid level indicator up to date. We have successfully kept up with the time since our inception and it is due to our tireless efforts we are the market leaders when it comes to ultrasonic liquid level indicators. We are continuously expanding and new partnerships are being made all over the globe. We believe in sustainable growth and for this we strive to partner with successful businesses. Partnering with Sea Safety Services USA has opened new channels of growth and progress for the both of us.

We are pioneers of the ultrasonic level indicator and our range of Portalevel is unmatched and capable of handling the toughest task. It can measure almost any kind of container without fail. Our up dated version the 8th generation Portalevel is capable of meeting your requirements in any condition. We have rigorously checked and tested it in extreme conditions and the results were truly as per our expectations. As we move forward in the Hi Tech world of tomorrow, we are sure our products will be able to meet the demands of the future.

Ansul Fire Protection, Kidde Fire Systems and NK Fire Systems are famous for their effective fire suppression systems and Sea Safety Services USA’s partnering with Coltraco proves that we are market leaders in our niche. Our products are not only limited to the industrial sector but we have a large number of products serving the maritime industry all over the globe. Our popular devices are serving the Navy of many advanced countries such as USA, Canada and UK. It’s been years since they are making use of the devices and they have never failed these Hi Tech and most important pillars of their countries. We are proud of the effectiveness and sustainability of our ultrasonic level indicator devices.

Coltraco North America and Royal Canadian Navy

Coltraco North America is proud to announce that Portalevel™ ultrasonic liquid level indicators are now in service with the Royal Canadian Navy in both their Atlantic and Pacific Naval Bases in Halifax and Vancouver. We congratulate the team and wish the RCN Fair winds and Calm seas. Coltraco has been in service of producing ultrasonic measuring and leak detection devices since 1987. Over the course they have managed to help industries overcome liquid management issues through dedicated efforts to increase accuracy of the Portalevel which is an unmatched ultrasonic level indicator.

More news about the company can be read on the Coltraco News.

The Royal Canadian Navy

As per official release of 2015 about its fleet, it operates:

  • 1 Destroyer
  • 12 Frigates
  • 4 Patrol Submarines
  • 12 Coastal Defense Vessels
  • 8 Unarmed Patrol/Training Vessels
  • Several Auxiliary Vessels

To keep its fleet in perfect order and respond to any kind of emergency call, it was essential to maintain the vessels and other machinery under its flag. Using traditional maintenance methods was both time consuming and expensive. It is imperative to keep a constant lookout on the waters surrounding the country. With the addition of the latest ultrasonic level indicator by Coltraco, we are sure the Navy would be able to function more quickly and efficiently. It is a moment of pride for the company to announce their product was chosen among all the others. Choosing it above all others is a clear indication of its reliability and the ability to perform every task that was required by the Navy.

Portalevel is an ultrasonic technology powered handheld device which has the ability to measure huge amounts of liquid. Using its level sensing ability from the outside of the water tank, it is ideal for industries where sensitive liquids are handled or used. The liquid level indicator can be used to measure liquids and gases alike. It is the perfect device to measure single skinned containers irrespective of their size. The device is capable to handle it all. Over the years it has been upgraded to over its limitations and it is now completely capable to provide pinpoint accuracy even in extreme conditions.

Becoming a part of the Navy now raises its standard’s even higher than before and it is evident that this device can be used flawlessly on every industrial scale.

L&L Maritime and Coltraco North America

Coltraco is a famous manufacturer and marketer of liquid level indicator and ultrasonic level indicator products. Their widely known and much appreciated products include the Portalevel™ range and the Portascanner™ range which are based on ultrasonic technology for pinpoint accuracy in tests. Over the years Coltraco has come in alliance with many businesses and has employed a lot of talented people. It has always been a pleasure to work with skilled people who contributed in the growth of our organization.

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Being a UK based company we have expanded our reach to many countries over the globe and North America is one of them. Operating under the banner of Coltraco North America covers the US and Canada region so that businesses would benefit from a direct sales and service center owned and operated by us. Over a decade ago US NAVSEA purchased 110 units of Portalevel™ through our partner Ascoa Fire Systems. The handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator was ordered to meet their 1/8” accuracy requirement on testing the agent in High Pressure Halon Systems. We are proud to say since their initial purchase the Royal Navy is using our product which is an undeniable proof of our product’s accuracy, durability and reliability.

It is with delight we announce that our reliable Portalevel™ has expanded its demand and is now serving the Royal Canadian Navy too. The units are designed to work flawlessly under extreme pressure and weather conditions. The units are operational in their Atlantic and Pacific Naval Bases in Halifax and Vancouver.

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Calibrating your equipment annually or every 5 years? Regulation or recommendation?

We are often asked about calibration, why it is important, how often it should be done and why. The reason we know calibration to be important, and recommend its annual service is because our equipment is designed to improve safety and best practice, so ensuring the equipment used to conduct such inspections is necessary. But don’t just listen to us: our manufacturer’s recommendation is based on clear cut regulations. Under ISO 17025 standards for the calibration of any monitoring or measuring equipment, it must be at least once a year.

At Rolls Royce the test cell for their Trent XWB engines are calibrated every 3 months. In the gas industry, customers are recommended to calibrate their detectors every 6 months, especially if they are using them in confined spaces, in order to sure they are maintaining their accuracy as per technical specifications. There are serious consequences if customers do not value the understanding of their tools or equipment, which unfortunately renders them at risk.

But, what about 5 year calibration certificates? On calibration and as a manufacturer of quality, we are clear that it is unsound, unsafe and unprofessional to compete on calibration as some of our competitors are offering 5 year calibration certificates. We do not wish to contravene ISO 17025. Nor do we wish customers to believe that it is the manufacturer that dictates calibration standards, which is not the case. However, we do not force the customer do anything because it is up to their discretion – the key here is that we will not issue calibration certificates beyond a year.

When you buy from Coltraco, you have confidence in the longevity of your equipment, aided by our Coltraco Customer Care Commitment, including life-time support. In addition, we have set up ODA Service Centres worldwide, with more coming online in 2017, so you can send your equipment for its calibration locally. We always do something “over and above” to enhance the unit for customers and we have a wonderful reputation as a consequence.

For more information: ISO 17025 is an international standard for test and calibration labs. The manual is available online

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Coltraco North America and Royal Canadian Navy

We are proud to announce that Portalevel™ ultrasonic liquid level indicators are now in service with the Royal Canadian Navy in both their Atlantic and Pacific Naval Bases in Halifax and Vancouver. We congratulate the team and wish the RCN Fair winds and Calm seas.

US Navy Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Coltraco North America

Over 20 years ago the US Navy’s NAVSEA ordered 110 Portalevel units through Ascoa Fire Systems to meet their 1/8” accuracy requirement on High Pressure Halon systems. We are proud to support the US Navy.

L&L Maritime and Coltraco North America

We enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Christopher Loat for many years and wish him peace and happiness now that he has left working for Coltraco. Future enquiries for Coltraco North America, Coltraco™, Portalevel™ , Portamarine™, Poratlevel MAX and Portascanner™ should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and through our official website

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