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Portascanner™ II

Portable Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Test Indicator

NATO Stock Number 6625-99-257-8336 - UK Government Cage Code KD983

Portascanner Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester.

  • for testing hatches, hatch covers, watertight compartments, storage tanks, bulkheads and doors
  • allows hatch covers to be tested with cargo in situ
  • no messy chalk or water test
  • no time-consuming & expensive vacuum testing
  • unbeatable value
  • versatile
  • unrivalled customer support
Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester.

Portascanner™ ultrasonic hatch cover tester II is an improved version of the Portascanner™, first produced in 1993. The research, development and re-design has been carried out by our in-house team in conjunction with several years’ customer surveys and trials, to improve ultrasonic watertight integrity testing as an alternative to water hose or pressure testing. The new model incorporates lightweight materials and state of the art electronics.

The Portascanner™ II both locates a leak site and indicates its extent in a simple hand held format. The unit offers surveyors and inspectors a lightweight, ultrasonic method for inspecting the watertight integrity of ships’ hatch covers, seals, holds, bulk heads and any other holding vessel or water-tight compartment. Being ultrasonic it can be operated even during the loading and unloading of cargo, thereby saving time and costs. The risk of environmental pollution from water run-off and non-compliance with port state rules and regulations are also removed.

Classification Society Approval:

Ultrasonic watertight integrity testing is approved by members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and Protection and Indemnity Insurance Clubs (P&I Clubs)

Defence Applications:

Naval warship and submarine watertight test, watertight seals, armoured vehicle NBC seals, military aircraft airtight seal, tank testing, and naval support vessels.

Industrial Applications:

Watertight Test.Containers, large storage tanks, aircraft airtight integrity, yacht watertight integrity, seaplane floats, soundproof rooms, and holds and hatches.


Each Portascanner™ II is supplied as a ready-to-go item in a protective carrying case including:

  • Portascanner™ II receiver
  • headphones
  • standard generator
  • extension rod

The Portascanner™ II is a hand-held portable ultrasonic receiver with combined audio and visual signal indication. The Portascanner™ II package comprises of the receiver, carrying case, headphones, generator and extension rod. The receiver converts the ultrasonic signals (40 KHz) from the standard generator into audible signal that can be heard through the headphones and a visual signal can be seen on the LCD screen, a visual indication of the level of ultrasound being detected as a bar graph.The headphones are designed for use in a typically noisy shipboard environment, to cut out most ambient noise. The extension rod enables the operator to use the unit without constantly bending down.


Customer Comment

“The scanner is a light weight hand-held ultrasonic receiver with combined audio and visual signal indication. The ultrasonic signals from the generator are converted into an audible signal that can be heard through the headphones, and a visual signal that can be seen on a clear LCD screen in digital/bar formats. The scanner provides an ultrasonic method for inspecting the watertight integrity of the rigs watertight doors / hatches. The scanner is used to indicate both the location of the leak on the seal and the extent of the leak.


Advantages of the Portascanner

  • Gives an indication of compression between the compression bar and rubber packing
  • Quickly pinpoints leaks and areas that lack compression
  • Allows quick and easy testing
  • Can also be used for weather tightness
  • One man can operate the instrument

Above is a brief introduction on how the Portascanner works: it is user friendly with simple instructions and proving to be very beneficial. We used it after we replaced the thruster pod cap, The Portascanner said it was watertight and it was. Various doors we thought were watertight on the rig by previously using the ‘chalk’ test have been highlighted by the Portascanner that they are not and this has allowed us to instigate corrective action where required. It is an excellent piece of kit which is easy to operate and understand; anything that can pinpoint shortfalls on our watertight integrity has got to be considered as a great step forward. “

Customer Support:

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support. Our specialist Portascanner™ II team is happy to discuss any queries a customer may have prior to purchasing a unit, and then provide unlimited technical support to all Portascanner™ II users after purchase. A training DVD will be available free of charge to all purchasers on request.


To use the Portascanner™ II for checking the watertight integrity of hatch covers or any other compartment, the operator connects the rod and headphones to the receiver, selects the mode, depending on the volume of the compartment to be checked. The generator is then placed inside the compartment and switched on, leaving the access to the compartment open. Magnets on the generator can be used to mount it on any steel part of the compartment. The operator then points the extension rod towards the compartment containing the generator. A loud and clear signal is then heard in the headphones and the operator moves the rod around the opening to ensure that the sound is clearly audible at all points. The compartment is then closed and the rod moved around the seal. If there is a leak the digital and bar graph readings will increase and the sound in the headphones will increase in intensity. The rod should be moved to that part of the seal where the readings are highest and the most intense sound is heard in the headphones, in order to identify the location of the leak.


For a more detailed description of the Technical Specifications for the Portascanner, please click here.


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