Portalevel® Standard

7th Generation Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

P/N: 2290334

The Portalevel® Standard is the core model in the Portalevel® range and ideal for the vast majority of applications. Whilst the core design has been around for nearly 10 years, the unit has gone through substantial upgrades to improve the operation for the operator and update the internal electronics.

Portalevel Standard

Portalevel Standard

The unit features the same core features as before including the Auto-CAL and SPA features. The Auto-CAL automatically sets the unit up for each individual cylinder, taking into account all the variables which exist during testing. Having this automatically calibrating to each cylinder removes significant scope for user error and dramatically increases the speed and accuracy with which testing can be achieved. The SPA feature increases the power output of the unit by 25% and increases the sensitivity of receiving the return signal. This allows consistent operation even on challenging applications such as rusted cylinders.

The Portalevel® Standard is the most popular and widespread Ultrasonic Level Indicator in the world. We have over 15,000 units operating in 103 countries of the world and this continued success for the unit lies in 3 core areas:

  • SIMPLE: The unit itself is very easy and intuitive to use. The Operating procedure is simple and quick which allows testing to be completed in a short space of time. New users can be trained to reliably operate the equipment with ease.
  • DURABLE: With a proven track record for sustaining rough handling, the Portalevel® Standard will continue operating reliably in harsh conditions for the long term. We pride ourselves on having units operating for 10years+ making our equipment a profitable & reliable investment for our customers.
  • RELIABLE: Proven accurate to +/-1.5mm, achieved Classification Society Approval, CE & EMC tested, customers can be confident in buying a well made product with dependable operation.



The Portalevel® Standard is designed for testing the content of fixed fire suppression cylinders. This is achieved using ultrasonic technology to send signals into the cylinders. Testing can be achieved without removing the cylinders from their manifold , saving considerable time in testing and reducing risk to the operators.

The equipment can work on a wide variety of cylinder types and typical agents include CO2, FM200™, NOVEC 1230™, old Halon Agents, FE-13™, FE-25™, NAF S III™ and all core Clean Agent Systems. For larger cylinders, please consult the Sales Team for the suitability of the Portalevel® Standard.

This equipment will not operate on Inert Gas systems.


Market Sector


The Portalevel® Standard is the world’s most popular unit for land based Fire Protection applications, with many thousands of units operating in over 100 countries worldwide. An incredible durable, versatile and dependable unit, the Portalevel® Standard.

For companies which are still weighing cylinders during servicing, testing is completed with the cylinders remaining in the manifold. This will reduce the time and man-hours required to carry out testing by up to 70% and is much safer with no high pressure cylinders having to be disconnected, moved and reconnected.



Technical Specifications

Portalevel® Standard

7th Generation Portable Ultrasonic
Liquid Level Indicator

The Portalevel® Standard is the core unit in our 7 model Portalevel® Range. It is ideal for the majority of Level Identification Applications and especially for Fire Protection Applications.

A - Fire Suppression System Cylinder Inspection

M - Fire Protection

F - Auto-Cal feature, SPA Advanced Power Setting, highly durable

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