Permalevel® Single Point



PermalevelTM Single Point was originally developed for the UK Atomic Energy Sector and has now been in service for over 12 years as fixed 24/7 fire suppressant monitoring system.

It is designed for up to 5 individual fire suppression cylinder monitoring applications.

The PermalevelTM Single Point has different alarm capabilities to the PermalevelTM Multiplex and benefits from being a simpler system that operates on lesser cylinders.

Permalevel Single Point provides truly continuous and non-invasive monitoring using ultrasonic technology.

Immediate notifications are sounded in a variety of formats when there is a drop in the level of liquid suppression agent in the cylinder. The system is a simple and effective way to ensure the level within a container is continuously and constantly verified in real time therefore guaranteeing safety in case of fire.


Features of Permalevel Single Point

STRONG MAGNET: Holds the sensor in place with additional space for adhesive or a strap to ensure they are not accidentally removed

RETROFFITNG AVAILABLE: Able to retrofit to existing systems which eliminates downtime as the system doesn’t have to be disconnected/deactivated

LCD AND LED DISPLAY: A set of green and red LED lights indicate the status of the cylinder

4 – 20MA RELAY OUTPUT: This sends information back to the control panel or local hub to alert in event of level alteration

MONITORS A WIDE RANGE OF VERIFIABLE AGENTS: for example, FM200TM, NOVECTM 1230, CO2, Halon 1301, FE-13TM, FE-25TM, NAF S 125TM, NAF S 227TM, NAF-S-IIITM and CEA-410

REMOTE REAL-TIME MONITORING SCREEN: Displays information about the current status of the cylinders, and when last contact was made

COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE CYLINDER TYPES: Each cylinder has its own monitoring unit, the settings on which can be optimised for the cylinder type


Advantages of Permalevel Single Point

EFFICIENT ALTERNATIVE: to the dangerous method of weighing cylinders or unreliable mechanical pressure gauges

EASY INSTALLATION: During the installation the system remains online. This is an essential feature for critical infrastructure as downtime is eliminated

INSTANT NOTIFICATION OF LEAK: An early detection enables a fast reaction and the minimisation of risk

INDIVIDUAL CYLINDERS CAN BE MONITORED: Allowing for complete safety of assets and personnel

HIGHLY ACCURATE: Our sensors are proven to monitor the liquid level accurate to +/- 1.5mm

SYSTEM IS WHOLLY MANAGEABLE 'IN HOUSE': No third party access necessary which is beneficial for high-security sites


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