Is a Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System enough to protect your ship from the threat of fire?

Is a Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System enough to protect your ship from the threat of fire?

No! The reality is that installing fire-extinguishing system must be monitored once installed. Coltraco is one of the leading names in the world of ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment. It possesses a large number of devices for various industries on different scale. Coltraco Ultrasonic started with the range of Portalevel® – ultrasonic liquid level indicator, which has advanced and diversified now in accordance to the need of targeted industries.

Only Fire Protective Regulations cannot Guarantee Safety

The UK P&I Club have suggested that extended periods of time on board a ship without a fire incident can lead to complacency and therefore a failure of prioritizing prevention methods and fire incident practices.  It is impossible to prepare for all eventualities on a vessel, and it is often easier to influence the prompt detection of fires and their effective extinguishment. These factors therefore play a key role in minimising fire damage aboard vessels. Yet, one of the reasons why accidents are still happening and fire safety is still a major issue in the shipping industry is the lack of development in fire-fighting equipment available on board container ships. Though it may have not advanced to an appropriate extent but humans is not a perspective that can be overviewed, ever. No matter what, people are the first priority to be protected at utmost level.

Human should not be put at Risk

On an average, 400 million European passengers every year entrust themselves to the safety of the ship that they travel on. Factually, it is not a small number and any accidents on board are serious threats to the safety of those passengers. About 6% of fires on RO-RO passenger ships have resulted in loss of lives or serious injuries, every year. In December 2014, 11 people were killed and several were injured in a fire aboard the Norman Atlantic RO-RO passenger ship. Coltraco always recommend its relevant industries to make sure that chances are not taken when lives are at risk. Especially, when the vessel is at sea where zero% of land-based emergency services is available, hence the risk goes to another level.

Importance of Three Key Areas for Regular Inspection

The neglect of the basic routine testing and maintenance of three key areas substantially increases the risk of an onboard engine room fire:

  1. The cylinder agent content in the fire extinguishing installations, commonly CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems, FM-200®, Novec™1230, halons;
  2. The associated pipework;
  3. The room integrity of the protected space into which the suppressant agent discharges

Three Smart Safeship® Solutions

Here, we have enlisted solutions that you may like;

Measuring Liquid Levels:

Ultrasonic liquid level indicator is perfect to identify the agent liquid level in under 30 seconds with 1 competent user*

>Compared to 15 minutes by laboriously weighing with 2 personnel, qho must be qualified in fire safety inspections, which most crew are not

Complies with IMO SOLAS FSS Code which requires crew to have the means onboard to test the installation agent content

Hatch Cover and Watertight Integrity Tester

Ultrasonic hatch cover tester, watertight and airtight integrity indicator is produced to identify leak sites in compartments. To ensure that the protected space is able to withstand the pressure of the agent when it discharges and that the compartment will hold that agent for the design concentration required suppressing fire.

Efficient Inspection

All of these devices are manufactured to efficiently inspect and provide condition monitoring of following three:

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Metal work,
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Pipework and
coustic Emissions Bearing Indicator for rotating machinery

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