Coltraco as One of the Leading Manufacturer for Ultrasonic Safety Equipment

Coltraco as One of the Leading Manufacturer for Ultrasonic Safety Equipment

Do you have nay idea how bad something can react if it is kept under extreme pressure? Take yourself as an example; if something applies a physical force upon you, the instant reflex behavior is that you will react with the same power in return. Similarly, this formula works with Pressure vessels. The stronger the pressure, the biggest eruption it should be expected to make. You should never be fooled by they appearance as it is unremarkable and dull but they can be a huge mess if the gases packed tightly in them under high-pressure finds it way out.

UK-based Coltraco Ultrasonics is in the business of monitoring such to determine that the liquefied and non-liquefied gaseous contents are there and in the quantity required in an emergency. With applications in marine and fire safety, the instrumentation and monitoring systems manufactured by Coltraco guarantee that the fixed liquefied gaseous fire extinguishing systems are ready to operate in the “ungoverned space” which is what the company CEO Carl Hunter refers to it as:

“The ungoverned space is defined as the areas in relation to special hazards where gaseous extinguishing systems are used.”

Coltraco being the top Manufacturer for Ultrasonic Monitoring Devices

Now talking about fixed fire extinguishing system, these liquefied gases vary from CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems, halons whereas now these are mostly replaced by fire fighting agents such as FM 200 and Novec 1230 gas suppression system. The major reason of kicking out Halons out of this list is because it was considered harmful for ozone layer but it is still available for use in rare areas. Nitrogen and Inergen fall in the category of non-liquefied gases for blowing out fire flames. There is usually a pressure gauge placed as only monitoring device to make sure that it is adequately charged for emergencies.

Another really effective way to verify the liquefied gas level is to calculating fire suppression agent weight.

Before quoting Carl’s words here in reference to above discussion, let us tell you what makes Coltraco so different and reliable. Today, it is widely spread company striving from dawn to dusk to facilitate the industries with better options to monitor the security systems they have already installed.

“On a huge commercial ship there might be as many as 600 100-pound cylinders. You can imagine that it would take an incredibly long time to service that ship.”

  - Carl Hunter -  CEO Coltraco

Furthermore, he added about his company: “The key to Coltraco’s method for monitoring those contents is ultrasound. We use sound beyond our audible range. We’re broadly measuring the difference of speed and sound through different mediums. For example, sound travels more quickly through water than it does through air.”

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is merely sound beyond humans’ audible range. Dolphins and whales can communicate at sea over long ranges as sound travels more efficiently through liquids than air.This technology comes with high accuracy and reliability for the data. The portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator is capable of detecting the difference in speed of sound traveling through liquefied contents as opposed to the vapor space inside the bottle. If you want to take a look for Coltraco’s diversified range, check it out now.

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