Onboard Engine Room Fires and Fire Suppression Monitoring Systems

Onboard Engine Room Fires and Fire Suppression Monitoring Systems

Fire is unacceptable and threatening to ship especially at sea. It can be harmful for cargo, vessel and crew. According to the research conducted by IMO, it has been observed that the core place of fire happening is engine room and basic reason is regarded to be the oil leaks from pressurised systems. It makes up to 70% of the entire number of fire happening in merchant ships around the globe.

Role of Engine Room in Fire

In the marine sector, there are two types of engine room; either operated on electric power or oil. As a matter of fact, due to heavy power supply, running machinery, there are large sources of fuel and ignition, it is really expected that fire may take place if proper care is not given to it. Another reason for uncontrollable fire is about poor fire extinguishing system-monitoring devices.

To read more about how engine room participates in fire, check out our article at ABC.

Significance of Fire Extinguishing Monitoring System

Sinking and fire are the biggest causes of vessel loss. A vessel sails alone and in the event of an emergency there is no land-bases asset or emergency service to rely on. It is recommended to have an ultrasonic liquid level indicating system, which can provide the details throughout the day without regular manual input. Safety in this era always demand to stay ahead as far as technology is concerned because the better you invest, the more you have.

Being reluctant to spend on security and safety system can lead you to high expenses, it can cause salvage, downtime, repairs, cancellation and most importantly, damage to the asset onboard including human lives.

Advancement in Fire Suppressing Monitoring System

According to the Vice Chairman at IUMI – International Union of Marine Insurance, fires on container ships is regarded to be among the worst hazards on global shipping level. Coltraco’s liquid level indicator caters to the marine industry. Coltraco offer highly qualified researchers and professional manufacturing with advanced technology.

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