Portalevel MAX INDUSTRIAL and its Applications

Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL and its Applications

The Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL non-invasively verifies the contents of cylinders and tanks holding liquids, suitable for a range of industrial purposes e.g. food processing, pharmaceutical, aerospace manufacturing and transformers.

Features of Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL

These ultrasonic monitoring is manufacturing keeping the food industry as a core target. Here are the features which convince any clients to make its purchasing:

  • Three years of warranty
  • Lifetime Support
  • Calibration & training certificates available
  • Ultrasonic technology – no radiation and non-intrusive
  • 5 tried and tested applications
  • Enjoy our Customer Care Commitment
  • 2 Sensors for double the technology capability

Industrial Applications of Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL

We greatly value the work we conduct on special applications as it allows us to deepen our expertise and broaden our knowledge. Through successive short feedback loops between practical operation and design we continue to develop and improve our technology. In addition, we enjoy working in industries outside of our core areas of Fire, Marine and Oil & Gas. Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL is another successful portable ultrasonic level indicator.

IBCs Food Processing


Food processing factory based in the south of the UK producing Coleslaw, packaged salads and pastas for the likes of McDonalds, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl. Producing over 130,000 pots of Coleslaw a day.


2.2 metre high, 5mm stainless steel wall, filled with mayonnaise to be used for the Coleslaw. The current monitoring method consists of employing ladders to peer into the cylinder and check usage and remaining contents. The issue with this method lies in potential contamination and is a health and safety risk to the operator.


A site visit was conducted by Coltraco Engineers and after a short trial we were able to gauge that the existing liquid level indication technology employed on the Portalevel® Max liquid level indicator would be efficient in quickly and accurately gauging the liquid level of mayonnaise within the vessel.


The implementation of the Portalevel® Max allows the plant to run more efficiently and reduces risks by providing the staff with a means of accurately and non-invasively monitoring the contents within the mayonnaise tank negating the need for physical inspection using ladders posing a health and safety risk to the operator.


The trial and implementation suggested that we could develop a fixed monitoring system for this vessel and others like it, in order to non-invasively; continuously monitor the contents of mayonnaise (or any other condiments) within the tank. In addition we also saw possibilities to refine the capabilities of the Portalevel® Max to increase ease of use.

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