Portalevel® MAX Industrial Aerospace Application

Portalevel® MAX Industrial Application Steel Transformer




Transformers are used in electric power transmission and distributions and are devices that transfer electric power at different voltage levels. There are two types of transformers that were present on site: (1) 33kV to 6.6kV and (2) 6.6kV to 440V where the former is much larger sized. Both types contain tapchangers and cable boxes which are filled with oil or a fluid compound essential for the operational of the transformer. Across the site, there are approximately hundreds of such transformers installed.


Many of these transformers do not have the means to indicate oil / fluid level externally. The existing solution is to shut the transformer down and inspect oil levels by opening the covers which results in a significant downtime to the power distribution network in the production facility. There were also concerns in the accuracies of many of the existing built-in level meters in the tank.


The Portalevel MAX INDUSTRIAL is identified to be a portable and reliable non-invasive solution capable of identifying fluid levels quickly and is very simple to operate. Oil inspection can now be done externally and on “live” transformers. Inspecting with increased efficiency, the oil inspections can now be conducted routinely saving overall maintenance and labour costs as only a single user is required to operate the equipment.


A standard unaltered Portalevel MAX INDUSTRIAL is sufficient for the application. We also supplied the “Special Applications” sensor along with the unit to ensure stronger and more efficient power output from the device capable to identify oil levels across the full range of their transformers.


Safety critical tool which minimises risk to human life by ensuring inspectors can identify the oil level even when it cannot be cannot be seen in a sight glass or other method.

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