Leaders in ultrasonic design and manufacture.
Exporting to over 90 countries worldwide.
With offices in North America.
With units of 100 offshore oil platforms in the north sea.
New interactive online training scheme for the Portascanner 2.
With units on over 9000 vessels worldwide.
Portalevel - The world leading ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

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CEO Message

Dear Coltraco Customers, Distributors and Organisational Delegated Authorities (ODA’s),

Welcome to our website. For many years Coltraco manufactured 2-3 ultrasonic products. 2 of these, Portalevel™ and Portascanner™ became world leaders in liquid level indication (of fire suppression systems) and watertight integrity testing (of ships hatchcovers, Naval cable transit areas, offshore oil & gas watertight compartment doors and scuttles) respectively. Within our products there now exist 7 different model types of Portalevel™ including our flagship unit Portalevel™ MAX, our shipboard unit Portamarine ™, our Portalevel™ Datalogger enabling level reading recording & downloads, and our Portalevel™ Standard.

Underwriters Laboratories We are pleased to announce that our flagship portable liquid level indicator, Portalevel™ MAX, has been awarded UL approval dated 6 March 2014.

Portalevel™ MAX & Portalevel™ MAX Marine (for shipboard use) and designed for easy liquid level indication for CO2, FM-200™, NOVEC™1230, FE-13™, FE-25™ & FE-36™ HFC-225 & 227 and Halon 1301.

We are now a technology manufacturer of 14 systems and products operating globally in 104 countries. We focus on 2 core Technical Groups : Technical Group 1 for fire safety and Technical Group 2 for watertight integrity. Our systems comprise Permalevel™ Multiplex for 24/7 monitoring of fixed fire suppression systems and Permascanner™ Dynamic enabling ships to monitor their hatchcover weathertight and watertight integrity at sea for the first time. Permalevel™ offers critical safety hazard users remote diagnostic and integrated data communication capabilities.

Coltraco’s family and corporate values define who we are and how we operate. Integrity is our founding value. Performance is its consequence. We understand that our customers have choices, and how we perform determines whether customers choose us. The consistency of our corporate and family values, with Integrity as our defining quality, enables Performance to derive directly from this. Coltraco’s Code of Ethics does not merely require compliance with laws. It embodies a Commitment to positive behaviours that build trust, promote respect, operate with distinction, with courtesy and global levels of performance, demonstrating our integrity and delivering customer performance. We honour our commitments, communicate transparently, and carry ourselves with honour. We assure that ethics are at the foundation of our performance culture.

As a company we are dedicated to understanding customer applications, through-life maintenance support and delivering a quality approach to reliability, repeatability, service and engineering build quality. I would like to thank you for your business and for the relationships with our Customers, Distributors and ODA’s which we value so highly.

My kindest regards,

C S P Hunter FIMarEST
CEO & Managing Director
Coltraco Limited

New Online Training Scheme for the Portascanner II

Online training scheme for the Portascanner 2.

Portalevel™ MAX Reference

Promo Portalevel Max Click here to view

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